TAKATSU for the future of automotive industry

TAKATSU’s experience of facility production began with the born of passenger vehicles in Japan. Since then, the experts of TAKATSU have gathered practical knowledge “TAKUMI” to offer new techniques and technologies for customers’ challenges and requests. TAKATSU’s One-Stop engineering skill of creating Engineer-to-Order facilities will continuingly contribute to the world’s best qualified car-production.


TAKATSU One-Stop Engineering Procedure

We offer One-Stop service to provide you with a broad scope of production facilities including stamping dies, production systems and hemming systems.



Stamping Dies

The absolutely important fundamentals of vehicle production lies in stamping dies.
TAKATSU’s practical knowledge is there for the core of industrial technology.

Stamping dies: core of industrial technology

Engineer-to-Order for your special needs

TAKATSU has built simultaneous engineering environment, which is a whole package of initial concept creation with simulating software, designing, and manufacturing. Our high-accurate simulating skills on 3D software enable you to detect and solve potential problems, reducing the number of onsite trial-and-error.

High quality,high accuracy

TAKATSU engineers have professional expertise in a variety of CNC machines, establishing methodology of generating data and operating the machines for broad usage. One of the machines is equipped with TAKATSU’s original alignment program for continuous machining of 4 side surfaces, while another machine of ours, 5-axis machining center, has the maximum rotational speed of 15,000 rpm and high-speed extension attachment for operating efficiently and accurately in a shorter time period.

Challenge for new materials

We have been offered many opportunities to participate in technological development and improvement case for processing and mass-producing of new material products, such as those made of ultra-high tensile strength steels and CFRP. Our challenge never ends while new materials are developed in the industry.

Production Systems

To make the “qualified”.
That’s the idea of TAKATSU for today’s mass-production technology.

Production facilities: give birth to automotive body-shapes

Satisfy your requests.
Solve your issues.

We offer 3D motion simulations. This shows how production facilities work before designing and producing actual products, visualizing the whole scene of the engineers’ behavior, machines and facilities in your plant. Also, TAKATSU’s One-Stop engineering procedure makes it possible to satisfy your new requests smoothly.

Integrated with latest industrial robots

Production systems, including various welding jigs and fixtures, are designed and produced here at TAKATSU, and for those with industrial robots we provide robot programming services as well. Today’s trends in automotive industry include factory automation, industry 4.0. and IoT. Our technical skills in robot programming offer you a various opportunities to integrate industrial robots in your plant, and save resources for the management of robots and provide your labor-saving.

The experts make quality.

Every one of our Engineer-to-Order facilities is finished by TAKATSU experts. Craftsmanship is of fundamental importance for TAKATSU brand, as we believe that the effective use of CNC machines, robots, and any other computer devices including 3D measuring systems is only possible when the skillful experts well communicate with them.

Hemming Systems

Are your cars in sophisticated style?
It depends on how their doors and bodies were hemmed.

Authentic hemming technology for the authentic vehicles

Improve TAKATSU’s core : hemming engineering

Our hemming engineering dates back to 1960s, in which TAKATSU engineers used to manually hem iron panels with hammers to make car doors. Since then, we have created a variety of techniques and technologies for hemming process. Recent innovations are such as press-type hemming machine and roller hemming machine integrated with latest industrial robots. We take your needs, and offer the best hemming system that will fit the production planning in your plant.

Flexible hemming systems with robots

The latest hemming systems we offer is integrated with industrial robots, which TAKATSU experts offer to program. Compared to press-type hemming machines, it saves 73% of space usage ( in-house ratio ). One of the remarkable features of this latest technology is the fact that the installation of only one hemming system is enough for producing multiple door models, which we call flexible production system (e.g. 2 hemming systems manage 8 car-models). This innovative technology received an honorable award from TOYOTA as well as obtaining patent.

Create the world’s authentic beauty

We produce hemming systems exclusively for wheel arch parts and sunroofs. Although these parts are considered difficult and complicated to hem accurately, our unique hemming engineering procedure makes it possible to produce refined, authentic surfaces which look even more refined after painting. These systems are applied to the productions of luxury cars.

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